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Duration of salary entitlement according to the Bernese salary scale (depending on seniority).

Am I entitled to my salary if my employer has not taken out loss of earnings / daily sickness benefit insurance and how much is it?

Without loss of earnings / daily sickness benefit insurance within the company, here is how long the employee is entitled to his salary. When a company employee falls ill and is unable to work through no fault of his own, he is entitled to his salary for a period defined according to the Bernese scale. If the employment relationship has been in existence for more than three months, or if the contract has been concluded for a period of more than three months, this salary is governed by article 324a of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Duration of salary entitlement under the Bernese salary scale (based on seniority)

  1. 3 weeks during 1st year of service
  2. 1 month during 2nd year of service
  3. 2 months during 3rd and 4th year of service
  4. 3 months from 5th to 9th year
  5. 4 months from 10th year of service
  6. 5 months from 15th year of service
  7. 6 months from 20th year of service*

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